Shadow Arena Heads into Early Access on PC on May 21

Pearl Abyss has confirmed that its Black Desert battle royale spin-off title, Shadow Arena, will be free to play from May 21st on Steam Early Access (PC). As you may or may not be aware, Shadow Arena will be heading into Consoles later on after the release on PC. As for Shadow Arena, for those unaware, pits 40 players against each other in a melee brawl that mixes elements of RPG and MOBA, where grinding AI monsters for some experience, much like that of Black Desert, as well as looting gear is needed.

The game is disconnected from its predecessor, but offers character that have abilities that can be used against enemies – but be wary, as all of these skills have cooldowns and you’ll need to time things properly, unlike the action-driven Black Desert MMORPG.



Shadow Arena is a standalone title, and won’t be connected to Black Desert, as previously stated, but players that have been around on PC for a few years know that Shadow Arena originally was an arena mode available for players. Unfortunately, it was taken down due to a lot of exploits and issues, and eventually remade into its own title after community cries over the years. The standalone title offers a completely different experience, with promises to continue on with content to keep players satisfied. 

Shadow Arena will be released in Early Access on PC, Steam specifically, on May 21st.