Epic Games Shows Off Unreal Engine 5 On The Playstation 5

With the silence of the Playstation 5 in these days, the gaming world came to a halt when Epic Games released their trailer for Unreal Engine 5, showing off a playable demo on the Sony next-generation console. Going into detail about how their new technology, Lumen – among other interesting terms – worked, the game engine giant went into a praise for the Playstation 5. The Live Demo that was shown, was according to the Unreal Engine developers, “real-time footage on the Playstation 5,” simply adding an HDMI to export the video.



Graphically, it looks absolutely stunning, and that’s not where it stops. Epic Games has stated on their Summer Game Fest stream that Fortnite, the big Battle Royale giant, will be utilizing the new Unreal Engine 5 starting next year on the next generation consoles. This is the most excited I’ve been for the video game world, when it comes to immersion, than I’ve ever been. There is so much more to look forward to, and with the Summer Game Fest live stream showing off brand new games and new technologies every single day, the excitement can only go further.