AION Classic Releasing in 2023

Western publisher, Gameforge, has revealed that AION Classic will be releasing on PC in Europe in early 2023. Players will be able to experience the original adventures, in a permanent server which offers a fresh start for players wanting to create brand-new characters. Though the server will offer the classic 2.0 update, many of the additional balancing and quality-of-life improvements from over the years will also be added for players.


“Today, we are happy to share that the highly anticipated release of AION Classic is coming soon to Europe,” said Nyoka, Product Manager at Gameforge in charge of AION. “Working with our development partners at NCSoft is crucial in order to ensure that the European release builds upon the experience of other territories, while also sorting out technical aspects that will ensure a fun, and smooth gaming experience for our players.”

Currently, players and readers interested in AION Classic can expect:

  • Enjoy PvE content up to level 55 on various maps and instances like Dark Poeta, the Baranath Dredgion, and more!
  • Charge into battle with massive PvP content including Rifts, Dredgions and Fortress Battles
  • Take to the skies and prepare for flying combat in the Abyss
  • Choose different professions to craft gear and consumables


The Siel’s Aura and Daeva Pass features will be available on the classic server to provide additional rewards, along with exclusive content such as new dungeons or newly added classes. So, if players are interested in a class that was not originally released in AION’s 2.0 update or prior, then worry not, as it seems that those new classes may also be making their way into the classic server.


For more information on AION Classic, visit their official US website here: 


For the European servers, information can be found on the Gameforge website here: