Is Kena: Bridge of Spirits Worth Playing?

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a long awaited action-adventure title from the team at Ember Lab, showcasing a young girl with powers, who turns out to be a spirit guide. This guide’s quest is to help spirits move on from the physical realm, into the spiritual realm. The game was brought to my attention last […]

Hanako: Honor and Blade Giveaway

Hanako: Honor and Blade is an immersive online multiplayer combat experience set in Feudal Japan, and the team over +Mpact Games has sent me a few copies of the game to give away to you guys!  Journey across feudal JapanMarch into battle on a symbolic campaign representing a personal trial of life and death of […]

New PC and Console Unreal Engine 5 MMORPG Announced, Into the Echo

The Toronto-based game studio, ETLOK Studios, has announced that they are developing a brand new MMORPG under the Unreal Engine 5 engine titled ‘Into the Echo‘. According to the official website and discord, Into the Echo is a time travel based MMORPG, with PvE, PvP, Crafting, and a strong promise against Pay to Win, Pay […]

Elyon Changes Its Business Model to Free to Play

Earlier today, Kakao Games announced on the official Elyon website that the upcoming MMORPG, from the creators of TERA, would be changing its business model to Free to Play. With this includes additional delays, which will used to “adjust that model and some backend systems”, having the release of the game to October 20th.  For […]

Lost Ark Launch Delayed Until Early 2022

Earlier today, the Amazon Games and Smilegate teams over at Lost Ark announced on Twitter and the official Lost Ark Website, that the highly anticipated MMORPG would end up being delayed due to needing more time for polishing the game. Additionally, it seems that the game will offer a Closed Beta Test later this year, […]