How to Get Daily Buffs in Swords of Legends Online

With Swords of Legends Online, one of the biggest mysteries that has come to my attention, mostly because I’m constantly asked about it, is what “Lucky Bell” is. When I tell people about the fact that every day we log in, we get a brand new buff, their minds expand in the super 5head that […]

How to Use Captain’s Assistant in Swords of Legends Online

How to Use the Captain’s Assistant By now its no secret that I’ve been playing Swords of Legends Online quite a bit, especially with my little guild in-game called ‘We the Peepo’, but one of the constant questions I get – even with videos released on my part on how to do it, is a […]

Swords of Legends Online Showcases Unreal Engine 4 Update

It’s no secret that Swords of Legends Online, or as its known over in China ‘Gu Jian Qi Tan’, has been working on a brand new update for the game, transforming the game from the original HAVOC Vision game engine over to Unreal Engine 4. A brand new showcase has been released on, which […]

Swords of Legends Online Confirms Console Versions?

In light of the latest Carnival celebration happening in the Chinese version of Swords of Legends Online, the teams behind the game – including the development team, publishing teams such as Gameforge, and even Microsoft – has created a compilation of congratulations to the team for the game release, as well as the Carnival festivities. […]

Elyon’s Second Closed Beta Begins July 26th

After a choppy start with Elyon’s beta, it seems the team over at Kakao is ready to release its second closed beta on July 26th, all the way until August 11th , almost 16 days, of players being able to test out the game if they have received a code or from purchasing a pre-order […]