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TERA Console Developer Questionnaire

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We have the privilege and honor to have the console team at KRAFTON Bluehole Studio that is taking care of TERA Console join the Community Discord. There are specific channels on the Discord server for players to ask the development team questions about the game, and even to report bugs directly to the team. A special thanks to Tamura Koji and Bon Koo for joining and partaking in this special event. The Discord will server as a bridge for communication between the players and the developers.

These questions are collected from the community Discord, which you can visit below.

The answers provided are collected from the same Discord, thanks to help of KRAFTON Bluehole Studio.

Please note that some questions/answers have been not been placed here. You can check the full list of questions and answers on the above Discord. It is recommended to check the interview with Bluehole Studios here to also get additional information on the game.


Please enjoy this 33 min read


We saw you guys were teasing new classes or races possibly. Will we be seeing that soon?

It is still stable. The initial plan is scheduled for May. There are many problems with whereabouts in the future … I want to release a new class, but there are many problems in the company. When various problems are solved, I would like to discuss with users around the world and plan something interesting.

Are there any mounts or pets that will be coming to console that's only for console? Can you show a little teaser?

The Rex is only for console. I made it. If you need anything to make next time, I will release it through YouTube. I can’t make much because there are few development …

I’m curious about your plans for fraxim gear, because the last thing I remember seeing was that you had no plans to create enhanced version of the gear. Example: Fraxim +1. So is fraxim going to become meaningless or what?

I know it’s been solved on a PC until the Heroic Oath +9 The Fraxim item you mentioned was created by the designer who quit, before he quit. We have a lot of people by making it possible to match the final item to a raid where 20 people must gather. Also, the balance has a lot of problems, so the final item will be changed. However, in order to relieve the stress of reinforcement, I think that other types of content are needed rather than reinforcement. The conclusion has not been reached yet and will continue to worry. Currently, the designer only knows that there is a “plan to balance with successive items” in the future.


No plans yet. If you do, I want to make it a very interesting system. If we make it, I should start with designer and design.

Example A buff that only happens to 2 people with a ring … There should be a common property system, not just buffs, a alimony system in case of divorce … If you are going to create a marriage system, I will ask you questions while planning. If you let us know your email, we will contact you when planning. Thank you.

Is there a date or month when we get the hair style coupons that are on pc to console?

It has not been fixed. I had asked to our developers before, but apparently it needs quite a lot of development cost/time than it looks. We are at the moment prioritizing more on the contents such as class skills, awakening, etc.

in the slayer reorganization video it was stated in your development notes that distant blade will stagger and apply new effects, will the stagger and new effect apply on each hit?

Yes, each hit will have stagger effect + skill core effect.


Skill reorganization is done with awakening updates. The designer decided to roll back the elimination of the magic shield. I think that there will be a change in the current skill deal cycle because it is increased to take more damage. Designers believe that the change will be a good change, not a bad one.

Is there any chance of adventure coins replacing entries as such like on pc? Or will console stick to entries per dungeon.

We have no plans to do so. The PC version specification is not the same as the TERA direction I think …

What are the plans with Fraxim going forward, as players have to do Harrowhold? Will we need to move into Heroic Oath again?

It’s a designer setting that I quit, but I don’t want to have the 20 strongest players in the playable dungeon farming first. Vergos’ equipment has its own personality and plans to add other equipment in the same way as the Abyssal Accessories.

Will we ever get a patch that optimizes the game to fix UI issues or FPS drops?

Currently, there are client rack, crash, hitting, server rack, server arbiter rack, and UI rack.

I’ve learned in these two years that I can’t solve it.

However, we have been steadily receiving crash data for two years, receiving dumps, and Server Lek will be solved by a key man in charge of the server. As part of this, we have added PING and FPS to be displayed in this update. Clients Lec, Crash, and Hitching are optimizing with the art team, but the PS4 and XB1’s hardware memory is not easily solved by the problem, but we do our best to fix it. Modifications were reflected in each update.

Would it be possible to add a offline sandbox mode to Tera where people have free range to all Classes and Weapons, skills, etc.?

That’s a great idea! I will refer you!

What part of PvP will you focus on reviving?

I can’t make a perfect PvP, but I think modifying the existing PvP should be the first task. First, we need to optimize. Next is Farming, and then the content. After that, user will have to constantly balance the PvP classes to maintain fairness. I don’t think I can do all of this with a small development staff. But I will do my best.

Will there ever be a point in time where there is more than one dungeon to run for end game players?

I am envisioning it with a dungeon designer. It was not planned.

Will pvp rewards, such as pvp gear, be implemented again at some point in the near future?

After the awakening update, we are planning to work with the PvP designer. Currently, we cannot give any answers.

Will apex be released with the rebalancing from PC, or will we have to sit through pressing square on reaper for a few months?

The awakening of the PC version is entered. There are one or two skills that are rebalanced and added, and we plan to launch them along with improving our existing skills.

How have the sales on Epsilon Scrolls been in North America?

There was a user’s request to exchange or sell, and we contacted EME to sell it.

Are there any plans to bring back Fashion Coupons as a normal drop from BAMs and other locations? A lot of players have asked for these.

I’ll talk about it with my team.

You mentioned previously that crossplay is planned. How would it work?

I was talking with Microsoft. and talking with Sony. If approved by Sony, I will add and implement desired functions and support cross play of PS4 and XB1.

Around when will we be getting the new UI (The one shown in Kojis videos on Skill Improvement)?

This UI comes with the Apex Update.

Can the netcode in tera be optimized? I feel that's one of main causes for lost in frame rates certain areas of the game.

There are 28 development personnel, 2 marketing, and 8 QA. I am in charge of the whole world. Some people are unable to optimize because there are few people. Some may lack skills. We do not have world-class skills. It will be important to correct the frame drop one by one. The important thing is whether the live environment is different from the development environment, and the problem in the live environment does not occur in the development environment … This is a big problem … We look forward to resolving this in the next generation. In order to solve the cause of the memory shortage, we will experimentally change the Tera structure a little. Also, we are doing R & D with 4 keys to solve server lag.

Any plan to be able to augment gear and/or accessories? Example, Fill xp bar on Abyssal Ring to get a High Quality variant with a 3rd stat. Or even the option to augment you stats on gear through filling item xp. Example, Fraxim Lance full item xp, can augment to get 10.5 enrage damage or something like that? Even making dyads for accessories or a new tier dyad.

It’s a very interesting idea. It would be fun if it didn’t end with simply expanding the item level, but different tiers were created. Let’s discuss it internally.

Is there a plan to publicize your game through multiple social media outlets to try and get people interested into trying Tera?

In North America and Europe, I think EME is the area to be in charge and troubled … I think the promotional activities I can do are limited …

Have you and your team thought of a way to disperse old/new materials so players have reasons to farm a variety of dungeons. For example, RK-9 Hard Mode could drop Materials for +1-7 Storm Cry then Ruinous Manor Hard Mode would be the next step to get Ethereal and +7 - HO so players can do Antroyths Abyss Hard Mode a lot more effectively while making that ``dungeon`` have materials only be dropped In that dungeon. Then as the game has progressed you and your team can think of ideas to make some of the materials/Fraxim for those who can't appreciate in HH farmable by having them be crafting materials to lead to that ``material`` or ``piece`` by either farming bams, doing quests, guardian missions, event dungeons, returning dungeons, etc. It'll take away the mindset of players to just farm the dungeon that's the easiest out of the 3 or what not to get end game gear. It'll make progression longer but it'll be more enjoyable and have players take advantage of everything you and your team bring to us.

As we are thinking in the same way, I will share this with dungeon designers. Thank you very much.

Can we add a feature for warrior to queue as a tank? With the new instance matching only dungeons warrior tank players must queue as a dps.

Hmmm, it was the impression that the designer was designing a warrior as a dealer, not as a tanker. I will tell the designer what you said.

hey, I was just curious about the addition of the new brooches, it kinda feels like a slap in the face for the people that have spent so long farming Harrowhold and learning it as well as teaching everyone else it so they could clear P4 and get their brooches. Couldn’t you guys have possibly implemented a way for people that already have the marrow brooch to upgrade it to one of the new brooches through some form of completing a task therefore it would still add value to harrowhold, because atm with the addition of the new brooch (I’m referring to the shadow hunter brooch) it is stronger than the marrow brooch so it makes doing any form of Harrowhold nearly pointless. Your view?

This is what I didn’t know until the completion of development. It is a specification put by the designer, and not all of them are managed. In my opinion, the structure of the final item farming in Vergos is not good. This is consistent with the designer’s view. I think that an item with higher performance than the Vergos brooch gathered by 20 people gathered and suffered suddenly came out, and I think it gave a sense of betrayal to those who tried to make a Vergos farm. So, as a care for users with a Vergos brooch, we set a new brooch material as a reward for Vergos brooch in the next update. I think my view is a design error and wrong operation. I’ll be careful in the future.

I believe this is a glitch. Idk if it's just me or if alot of other people have gone through this as well. It's been like this for over 6 months.

Registered with BTS. I will correct it.

Is the covid-19 ``corona virus`` affecting any areas of game development? Should we be expecting any delays due to it at this point?

In terms of performance, about 70% of the time, 5 days worked, only 3.5 days worked. Fortunately, the Korean corona situation is improving, so from 4/1 onwards, commuting, not home work, is expected to start again, and is likely to be delayed by 30% of the performance that fell during the month of March.

Any plans to add a DPS Meter? I know you're worried about toxicity, but pve couldn't be anymore toxic than it already is. Being able to see your own dps and definitively compare classes would give more players motivation to do well. As well as give top tier players answers to questions about changes they make in their builds. We have leaderboards, which give us an avenue to compete with eachother and single out those with slow times(if we wanted) I don't see the difference or the issue with allowing us to see our individual dps.

The DPS meter is made only for Terra competitions and competitions. We are preparing a dungeon result window. If still need DPS, I will consider it.

If you do decide to add dps meters, can you make it like pc where you can see how much each skill did individually? would really help min/max players and such.

It is not difficult to make. This is an issue that we are not putting into the prediction that the user’s qualitative reaction will not be good.

In terms of the Dungeon Result Window that you mentioned, how would that work exactly? What would be showing in the window, and when?

Our reference are these images

Please consider an actual DPS meter, you can add both if you want. I'm sure most of the community would like a DPS meter. Dungeon results at the end wouldn't matter much to me personally. If we do some sort of public poll or something I'm sure reception would be too add one.

The DPS meter has so many negative factors that it is actually a concern. Let’s talk to the designer.

Will we ever see a return to the legacy +13 +15 Enchantment effects on weapons again? What was the reasoning for removing it? I was really bummed when I had gotten my wings, and about a week later the effect was removed due to the update that introduced the new form of enchanting, and the gear from Guardian to Heroic Oath, or as I call it the HO Update. I worked soo hard because I loved the way it looked on my Reaper. Was really sad to see it go. But if in the future a new gear update might have a remote chance of bringing it back or if even the legacy items where to someday get them back. I wouldn't mind farming a bunch of Metamorphic emblems to enchant my Deathwrack weapon further, or spend a bunch of time working to get any new gear that would have that effect back. It just feels so good having that legacy awakened wings effect in my opinion compared to the HO Aura.

Up to version 79, in fact, all PC versions were brought in and the balance was only slightly improved. It changed from version 66. We did not design with any intentions, we did not understand, and we think that we made a very big mistake. The idea of following the PC version was changed after the 66 version (March 2019) was launched. From that time, it was the opportunity to prepare and increase the number of development personnel to 30, but it still disappointed me because I still lacked my skills. +13 +15 I’m worried about bringing in a reinforced art effect. However, I think that making it possible to strengthen is difficult because it affects all balances.

Currently when playing warrior in defense stance while tanking if you enrage the boss then disconnect you're unable to re-enter any stance because of a lockout debuff. This leads to a lot of frustrated warrior tanks being unable to go back into defense stance after reconnecting and having to stand around and wait for the timer to end. Any chance that debuff could be changed to only lock assault stance instead of locking both? This would allow any warrior tanks who disconnect to be able to get aggro back and resume tanking after they reconnect while still stopping people from using enrage and then swapping stances.

Let’s review it with my team.

Is HH getting removed soon?

There are no plans to remove it.

Would you consider adding 250 bounty tokens also when you dismantle the Marrow Brooch, so players that have it can obtain the Shadow Hunter Brooch faster?

I am planning. We are developing for it. When development is complete and announced, you can obtain the Bounty Hunter Brooch material from the Burgos Brooch. (About 75%)

Is there any possible way of pvp battlegrounds match both servers Eu-Na?

Even if it is physically impossible, even if it is made, it cannot solve the ping problem. Tera has a serious ping problem, so if you put a server in North America, Europe won’t be able to beat North America. The meaning of PvP will also fade.

I noticed that in project xcloud there are ui differences. Are these done by krafton or Microsoft? And would they maybe come as options on ps4/xbox? I'd enjoy a larger chat.

It will apply to all. We are working on the goal in June and will upload it when the work is complete.

Would it be possible to introduce a feature to ``block`` healing skills from non party members? It can be frustrating doing all of these open world events trying to slay for more damage and the randoms healing you.

We’ll consider it.

Is there any way we could possibly view our chat logs while crafting like was implemented with fishing/auto-fishing?

You can see it when develop it, but it has a lot of side effects, so it takes a lot of time Cost to development.

Since there's now brooch, what about our previous Quatrefoil brooch?

There are no plans like this for now. It would be fun to upgrade. Let’s do an internal review.

I tried some lknm this night and found newbies has totally wrong crystal, and takes extremely long time. if we are forced to match with them: should dev do sth to let them know the right way to gear up? ,like guide in game or sth tbh the reward for the run now that need to carry newbies is not enough at all ,will we have bonus if we get a run with 3~4 newbies?

For someone you know, this may be the same idea. From the standpoint of someone who doesn’t know, it may be natural to not know. I don’t know them, I will annihilate, I will try to know, and I will learn one by one. I may also ask.

lots of mats now are not bankable now, so can we expand our inventory, or let costumes not take space there?

I’ll take action to make the stack possible…

there's lots of consumables that has almost same efffect ,such us brave potion, brave potion(old), brave potion(elite), strong brave potion and all takes a bank space. why we need so much type of brave potion?

This is an error in the design without considering the L10N bandwidth. I will be careful.

Why has Ghilliglade become an unofficial Elite-only dungeon? Why/what is the reason for it? Will there be more exclusive (Elite-only) dungeons? What new benefits (Example: Monthly mounts) or removal of benefits (Example: Gold Hunters boost) can Elite status players see in the future?

I think I can make it. but Elite Status is made by EME.

With the skill rework being released in the future will we be seeing any additional rolls on the chest piece for skill damage, cooldown reduction or whatever else? Also will we be seeing certain rolls taken out when the rework comes out?

We are also modifying the UI, but I’m not sure if it will come up to a satisfactory level. There seems to be no new roll.

Will we ever see Demons Wheel dungeon again? Manglemire is fun but Everytime an event rolls around involving a dungeon, it's always manglemire. Please add Demons Wheel again. Also, will we ever get new masks?, The powerful mask is a must as a dps but the atk speed loss is a bit much, If not excessive.

I will review it. I will register it as an internal proposal.

do you think we can get custom guild roles and custom guild emblem like pc has for console?

I think it is a good idea and I would like to apply it if I can apply it to the console.

Are you guys thinking of making inventory space like 200 or 300? would we be able to zoom out more in dungeons? Sometimes, zooming out more would be very helpful

There are no plans for this. Is everyone wanting this?

Do we get some different colours for debuffs that are cleansable as a healer? Making it overall more visual what kind of debuff it is (stun, damage over time , root, etc.) Would help alot with decision-making as a healer!

It’s a really good idea. I will proceed with the internal discussion.

Will console also receive a lvl 70 update in the future?

I don’t think about expanding the level cap to level 70. Currently, more content than the current 65-level content needs to be developed, improved, or modified for the 70-level content. There is nothing good about that work, other than business benefits. Neither users nor developers will like it.

With Awakening patch it seems as if we’re getting a new UI to our hp/mp bar will laurels be updated as well or will the laurels stay like laurels is in this current patch?

It will remain the same as before. Reset only when achievement season changes.

I have also had a problem regarding battlegrounds. When I bluescreened when playing fraywind canyon I logged back in to see that not only was I kicked from the raid, but that I was also given a penalty for “deserting” my team

I think there is a problem with the server rematching logic. I don’t think it’s like this every time, are you doing this every time?

I have a question, but the one thing that keeps me from keeping tera installed on ps4 is the space requirements for updates. Keeping about twice the space free for the game to download and copy an update is a problem for me. With only 500GB, keeping 80-90GB for a game that's around 40-45gb in actual size is a problem. Will there ever be a chance that update process is in place, like most of the other games I play? Not to mention the copy speed/time is a joke. Download and copy, means an update can take several hours.

I will contact Sony.

PC has customizable UI. Will Console be getting that or something similar to that in the future?

It is difficult to implement because the focus method is different. If you provide a keyboard mouse, the story may be different. It is difficult to implement with a pad. Would you like to make it playable with a keyboard mouse?

Is there a reason these can't stack? They take up a lot of bank space even if you have all slots unlocked. I think it's a good idea for the purposes of saving character bank slot space in my opinion. Thank you~!

Good suggestion. I will proceed with the internal discussion.

are there plans to add a 1v1 arena in anytime soon? There have been a lot of people that have wanted this since duels became popular

It sounds like fun. Good idea. Let’s plan.

Also, potential betting in the arena. Where players can store gold/tradeable items in an arena bank and only the winner can withdraw after the match?

I think what you have said is an additional fun factor that would be nice to have. When designing, we will consider it together.

in the 1v1 arena, could there be ranks? like bronze, silver, gold, diamond, and platinum ranks depending on skill level, or like the leaderboards, except a worldwide ranking instead of a class ranking? It would add some competition to the arena and it would motivate people to play it more.

Good idea. I had the same question above. Let’s discuss inside.

would the developers ever be interested in adding precipitation (snow, rain, etc) /night/day/dusk in tera? It would make the world look much more interesting than just regular day and I don't think it could be that difficult to develop.

I think you can try it on PS5. PS4 side frame drop occurs a lot.

Are we ever going to see a dungeon like dreadspire come to console? Where you start fighting an easy boss but the more you climb the harder the bosses become and the better the loot drop.

Yes you will see.

Will the companion system from PC come to console? The community on there is very critical of the system, as it dances on the line of pay to win.

I don’t think that will happen as long as I am in charge.

Koji, can you explain why Tera console has a L10N bandwidth issue that results in having to limit our attack speed. is this related to console server specifications and can this possible be fixed with ps5 / xboxSX?

It is not a problem of L10N bandwidth, but there are largely design issues, graphic issues, and programming issues to reduce the attack speed. Terra’s current attack speed is doping to the extent that it’s compromising game balancing. All designs are out of balance and balancing is broken. The graphical issue is a visual contradiction due to the attack speed that the animation can’t keep up with. The limit has been exceeded. I’ve only heard of programming issues, and I’m not sure, so I won’t write them down. Therefore, even next-generation devices such as PS5 cannot be solved. What will be solved when the next generation of PS5, etc. comes out is that UI Leak, Client Leak, and Crash will disappear naturally and enjoy 64bit Tera.

I think the community would appreciate this at least as an option, to use KBM (Keyboard and Mouse). We see this supported on other game titles as well, plus it would help with UI customization. Is it possible for TERA? or do you think it would only happen with PS5 / XBSX?

The development direction before I came was to exclude the keyboard mouse, and I had little intention to exclude it. It’s just a lot of work, so it would be nice to recruit developers to unlock keyboard mouse events and fix them one by one. Xbox has a lot of problems with keyboard mouse support.

the number 1 complaint I've seen on Xbox is the new matching system. While it's cool to use the matchmaking to find new players, the old LFG system which allowed people to form groups and walk in as 5 is much preferred. I only bring it up as some players are considering quitting until it is changed. Is there any intent of reverting if the feedback is negative, or should we simply adjust and assume that matchmaking will stay the way it is moving forward?

Dungeon Matching is changed to [BETA] and there are too many inconveniences. We plant logs next week and analyze the data until the next week to roll back or improve.

Are there plans to facilitate getting tokens for the new brooches from Healers, when they do not do enough damage and takes much, much, much longer to get tokens?

I will pass it to the designer. The designers don’t listen to me.

with the console exclusive accessories “Abyssal”, certain classes build accessories mixed. Example: Berserker accessories 3 crit, 2 power accessory. It would be a waste of time for Berserker to make Abyssal accessories if they need full crit after awakening. My question is, will there be an item like an accessory morpher similar to PC TERA to change an accessory from crit to power or vice versa?

There is no present and will make it in the future.

Are there any plans to either send us more Rare/Superior Noctenium's or let us convert normal ones into them?

Let’s find a way.

Is there any way we can get the collab costumes again? Like the PUBG ones.

In the old collaboration costume, all collaborations are the same, but there is a contract to sell only at that time.

Because of the contract for collaborations to sell only at that certain time, does that mean Tera console won't be getting the Hello Kitty Collaboration?

Yes, that is correct. Hello Kitty cannot be sold. We can’t offer it for free.

I have been wondering about this for awhile and asked eme this, but I was wondering if we could get an 'Ace Dungeon' like arena where we can pick any boss in the game and have it scaled down to single person and allow players to practice against the mechanics of the boss instead of wasting our precious dungeon entries on this? This is most helpful when people have been running a dungeon and new players don't have the same experience or just need to learn/master a specific mechanic without ruining someone elses time and fun in a dungeon.

Sounds fun. Let’s review it internally.

Could you possibly add the dps crab that pc has so players could have the opportunity to improve themselves if they ould like to?

We will create a dungeon result window. We plan to use DPS for competitions only.

Would an implementation of the Training Room that pc has be able to come to console tera ?

If it’s good, can I bring it? Let’s review it internally.

Will the missing hairstyles ever be added to console version.?

Yep! I want it.

Are we ever gonna get a safer trading system? Parcel post trading is risky and with broker trading you gotta pay a fee. Can we get something in-between?

I will review it inside.

You said that you needed to remove attack speed from items because of animation limitations. Will this effect certain classes Apex attack speed passives?

Attack speed is a doping issue. We are not looking at the basic skill’s attack speed.

Why aren't you guys adding the ep system? Certain classes (such as ninja, Slayer, lancer) actually were build around that system and without it their gameplay is lackluster.

It was created in 2015 and has since been awakened. Ninja Slayer Lancer, etc. did not come out according to the characteristic system. There is no intention to add the introduction of the characteristic system present in the PC as it greatly affects the balance. In addition to giving additional points systematically, it is not meaningful to try to put it in unless it is improved or corrected because it is judged to be content without any fun. The balance with the enemy is also important.

For those changes are you deeply going to considering changing some classes, for example with slayer you are removing core values such as fury strike which is changing the core value of the class. Are you considering to reevaluate the change you are implementing?

We are receiving user feedback during development because we value user feedback. The current plan is as follows. Establish development direction> Development plan> Development> QA> User feedback> Development> QA> Live However, it would be important for users to know what purpose they are aiming for.

How is TERA on the PS5 looking right now?

Very good! Real TERA. 64 bit (current console version is also 64 bit, whereas PC is 32 bit), no lag, no lag if you die, because speed is not the same now. 144 fps. We use multi-thread, but TERA PC was developed as a single thread, TERA Console was replaced by multi-thread. It’s 64 bit, developed in Unreal Engine 3.5, multi-thread but the hardware is PS4, so it doesn’t make sense. Can’t show footage of PS5 with TERA now, due to NDA.

If I can say one thing, it’s this, even after playing RK-9 and summoning 1000 RK-9 units to Velika, there was no lag.

do you think there's a chance for the tera console game to bring the alliance system that tera PC had in 2012?

Yes, I want it.

Have you considered adding a Housing system, or Guild Housing system? It could be used in certain houses in Velika apartments or houses, as it was originally planned a long time ago. The houses for Guild specifically could be purchased with Guild Funds, which guilds need to do guild quests in order to get more. Currently the Guild Funds aren't really used for anything except Guild Buffs and Guild Summons. This would give more benefit to being in a guild. Could also be great for decorating the guild, with a Guild Shop / Store which you can purchase Guild Housing furniture, Guild Costumes/Uniforms, Guild Pets and Guild Mounts with more funds.

It is an interesting idea. It’s an MMORPG and I’m not sure if it can be made with our development power, but let me discuss it internally. Thank you.

Will we see the Halidom and Relic system like the one on PC?

Hmm, there are no plans for that right now.

For gunners, could we possibly be able to add our equipped weapon skin to our HB (heal bot gunner has) to make it look cooler? For example if I had the arctic weapon skin, I could make HB have the same thing covering him

TERA is MMORPG, and unlike UE4, it is made of UE3. I need to load all data in real time. There are also a number of items that don’t fit in the skeleton, and their data needs to be linked to dozens, and it also affects animation effect coordinates. You have to do this for every item, and I think these are unnecessary. I don’t think it would be a problem if UE4 can resize all the data.

Will console have the whole Apex questline and if yes will the item level requirement still be 440? I really enjoyed this questline on PC and hope to do it on console as well!

Quest line is different from PC. The story for console is similar, but it has been changed for Console.

Can you remove the attack speed decrease line in the powerful mask?

Let’s talk to the designer.

Can we have fraywind announcements back where it says “double kill” etc.? It brings a thrill to the game

Seems like a good idea. Thank you very much. Let’s review it internally.

Are you planning on fixing slayer's awkward animations for both icb and backstab, both have a delay while activating

Awkward animations need to be fixed. I don’t know yet how far I’m working with the animator.

Under the ``guild skills`` tab there is a skill called ``guild tower enhancement`` that increases the HP of guild towers. Is there any plan to add guild towers into the game to make this skill useful?

There are no plans. Please send me any interesting ideas.

Could it be possible to turn off buffs, such as unwanted food buffs, cancelling timed nocs when not in a dungeon, or cancelling elite canephora when we want a bravery instead, etc.

I understand that it is a design specification. I think it’s a good thing. Let’s review it internally.

Would it be possible to have gunner scattershot have the same effect on pc after apex where you can use other skills much faster after casting the skill? The current scattershot has too much frame lag and it makes gunner feel slower than it should be

We will classify it as user feedback and review it with the designer.

Will TERA Console get the card collecting feature that PC has?


I don't know what the plan is with fraxim gear in the future but if possible, can fraxim have a different glow to it? Something other then the same heroic oath glow, it would help to distinguish the difference between them and show player skill in certain fields such as people who have run harrowhold. Maybe add the old legacy glow to fraxim (yellow, orange, or red wings)?

There are no plans. Adding the final weapon is a sensitive issue and requires a lot of consideration.

Would you consider making premade 3s use equalized gear? This would allow players to queue with people they know and could ignite more competition between players since they could now have a set team they run with in an equalized arena so no one feels people are being gear carried.

We will proceed with the internal review.

Any chance to consider new rewards for fraywind Canyon to make it more active? Like an emerald for a win and a sapphire for a loss with occasional jackpots that are diamond matches to keep it exciting

The battlefield improvement will be repaired after awakening. We plan to reorganize it into a more entertaining battlefield through the whole improvement.

Can you possibly make the Designs for the eching boxes sellable/tradeable? Etching is quite expensive to get into and I have 30+ boxe designs cluttering up my bank space that I can't do anything with. Making them tradeable helps those who do etch and makes getting said etchings easier for everyone. Please and thank you

I will review it inside.

Apologies if this has already been answered, but what will you be looking to improve/implement after apex? What is on the top of your priority list? PvP? Optimization? Just curious to see where the game will be heading in the future.

Server optimization and client optimization have their own staff, and we are always trying to solve the problem. We will continue to improve content along with new content production. After the awakening, it will be the battlefield.

A few ideas: 1. Incentive to stay in guilds: Guild fashion items that are in tiers. Example: Guild level 30 get access to tier 1 fashion items. Guild members can spend contribution points to obtain. Guild level Tiers: 70-T1, 110-T2, 160-T3, 220-T4, 300-T5 etc. The items can be guild specific fashion items that are not obtainable on the TERA store. This system makes players rely on loyalty and contributions to obtain these items. The items can be similar to TERA store items with an added effect or something to set it apart. If a player leaves the guild after obtaining a T5 item in example, they will be unable to equip this item until they join a guild that has unlocked that tier. All items obtained in the guild store are bound to account, have a purchase limit, and are not tradable.

It’s a very interesting idea. We will proceed with the internal review.

Will there be an effective way outside of random world events to get noctenium elixirs, since the amount we receive from leveling events has been drastically nerfed from about 200 to just 5? This would mostly effect new players who have missed out on farming the past events. even if its a limited quantity that can purchased everyday

Leveling events are mainly conducted by publishers (En Masse Entertainment).

Is it possible for you guys to remove the timer on champion skyring there really is no reason it should be there, and its reopened so late most people are heading to bed becuase its reopened so late, so please remove the timer on champion skyring

Thanks for the feedback. I will review it inside.

What do you think about a Trial Dungeon: Players can enter, Solo-only or with a group of 4 other players, and once inside become any Max Item Level / Best Gear/ Full Awakening / Full Glyphs, etc. to test out any class they choose. They enter, choose let's say Archer. They play the archer and there is no rewards in the dungeon, it's just to try the class. If players decide they like it, they can go and level up that class they like by creating a new one.

It looks like a test server.

Has any thought been given into being able to convert normal Noctenium elixirs into Rare Noctenium Elixers?

I am preparing on a Noctenium to make it easier than ever to add a new Noctenium function.

Any chance we could bring the battle charger mount you got from fraywind canyon on pc into the game?

I will review it with the designer.

Is there any chance we could Atleast make blue noctenium tradeable just like the green Noctenium ? Since we don’t have any way to get it other than loot boxes .

We are preparing to increase one more place available.

With Awakening having a lot of skill changes included, could the archer skill Rapid Fire be changed to make it less dependant on ping to fire quickly? Currently it functions with multiple inputs, so ping delays each hit individually (7 times). If the skill could be changed to fire off entirely on a single input it would take away the ability to cancel it by releasing the button, but greatly lower the cast time and make the class more fair for high ping players.

This part is heard by users all over the world, but for North American users, it may be more painful. Let’s think of that as changing skills.

approximately when will elin valk be coming to console?

I will attach a person in charge after the awakening. It’s possible for one person… If you think about optimization tests, it will take 4 to 6 months, so I think I can appear after that.

About the dungeon result window; is it possible to have it display what skills have been used, dmg, dmg%, white dmg, crit%, hpms(hit per min), Hits, etc. on each boss? that way each player is focused on what they can improve on; a skill breakdown of some sort.

I am unable to tell you this part because it is under development. The features you want may or may not be the same as what we develop. It is also a concern to convey the user’s needs to the designer, as the designer’s thoughts must be reflected in the core. But if you let me know what you really want, I think you can talk to the designer about the needs.

Have you thought about adding an automatic language translation feature so we can communicate with everyone? Language barriers have become a problem in matching-only dungeons and when trying to fix broken battleground queues. The mobile game Lords Mobile had this feature and it worked wonderfully being able to talk to people all over the world with little effort.

If the OS is provided by PS4 or XB, and the Google Translate API does not allow the PS4 OS, it will not be possible to apply it to the SDK. I can do it, but it takes a very long time and the development of the function seems to take a great deal of air compared to the effect. It is a negative opinion. However, it is not possible to simply communicate with each other, so it would be possible to use 20 macros to export properly for each country.

Please consider showing guild names of people who apply to LFGs so we can avoid troll guilds.

Due to the sanctions on the TERA PS4 store, we cannot do this. If we did, we would not be able to have the game on the PS4 for TRC violations.

With the awakening update, would it it be possible to increase the health points of the rest of the dungeons? I worry all the dungeons will be too easy once it arrives.

Awakening is just awakening, and it is also a process, and I do not want to increase my stamina. Just afterwards, new dungeons will come out with awakening. With the right balance.

If possible please add a direct trading system, many players on console have been scammed due to lack of direct trading system and some would rather not pay the broker fee, so it would help the convenience of the game if players could directly trade with no middle man

Direct transactions have been eliminated due to Sony policy.

To add on to the suggestion above, the “make offer” option on the trade broker that pc has would be helpful as an alternative or addition. For those unfamiliar, it would allow you to send offers for items on the trade broker if the person selling is online (while also waiving the broker tax). It also shows the names of sellers for items.

Perhaps for the same reason, it would violate TRC rules. I will definitely look into it. Thank you.

I’m glad we got apex skills for console thanks to the dev team Im sure this was a challange and right now im only speaking for my class . I love the new passive additions for ninja class also the short cd on our inner harmony but the implementation of actual apex skills seems so underwhelming for ninja we have no skill resets for leaves on the wind while casting boomerang shuriken which wasn'tmentioned to be taken out I assumed they were going to be added, the atunement skill is replaced by awakening attunement and has been taken out completely this wasnt mentioned in the patch notes either, boomerang shuriken is a joke, leaves on the wind does not give clone attacks or resets with the boomerang shuriken because the way new implementation works and again Im not sure why this wasnt mentioned in patch notes. Our stun attack doesnt trigger quick attack resets quick attack has a very long cd. These made ninja play fun and smooth on pc it added dps value to the class It’s sad to see what it is turning out to be on console I’m wondering if there is going to be changes made or if this is how it is going to be for ninja for a while and I understand console is different but main apex skills seems so different even on promotinal videos ninja awakening looks different so my expectations were too

We are rebalancing in many ways, and we believe that the meta will be the console’s own meta.

Will we maybe also get the ability to put a second line of enchantment effects on our weapons, so we can switch between the two and don't need to re-roll it always?

There is no plan.

I know you guys have an upcoming dungeon screen that shows the stats of the party at the end of the run, but is there any chance we can get an in game dps meter? Its better to see individual bosses instead of the dungeon as a whole. Some people have an idea that it would create toxicity in the community but there already exists without it so might as well put it in the game for people who actually want to improve themselves.

Yes, I am trying to make a dungeon result window or a DPS, but the plan has not yet come out. When a plan comes out and concerns disappear, we will start developing. Development takes 4 months.

I would, and I think that the community might, love for a window in-game that lets players vote during the week on what dungeons they'd like to see for increased drops. In which, at the end of the week, the highest voted ones are placed as increased drops for the weekend after. This kind of creates a system for the community to vote together on events such as these, and could possibly be used on future things? Maybe something to consider implementing.

I’ll review it inside.

When we press option in someone can we have the option to whisper him/her?

There is not. It is a function that has been deleted due to the PS4 rule called TRC.

Can we please have the dinosaur mounts able to be used in combat, or as a costume so players can do dungeons and PvP with them?

Then it will not be a ride. This is because the entire rule needs to be changed. I think it would be better to make the dinosaur clothes separately.

Could you guys maybe change how rare abyssal scrolls drop, I have 155 runs in Aahm and have never had a scroll drop to me, that seems a bit excessive for a dg you can only do twice a day

I agree. I will consult with the designer.

Crafting is very stressful when crafting in large quantities. Can we have something like an “overflow” in production points? Example- Production Point cap at 4300/4300. If I have 10 Crafters Cures (1000 PP each) I can use them to make 14300/4300. This enables players to craft afk for longer periods without the craft process stopping. I can craft overnight etc. Thank you.

I agree. I will consult with the designer.

An option to add transparency to the damage numbers, a slider would be nice but if too much just an option for example 50% transparency

Adding transparency will cause lag on PS4.

Will you guys also put out circlet and mask etchings as well?

There is no plan to put it.

Here is my idea to make this game a little cooler , when characters perform skills/atacks they make sounds like ``THHHHAAAAA, YYYAAAAAA and so on``, it would be cool to have a switch in the options to turn little bubble like captions above character heads that would say same thing as as characters do.

That’s a good idea. I’ll review it inside. lmao

could we get a option for red/green colorblind instead of only being able to use one set color?

Yes, it is possible.

Would you guys consider adding more slots to the Dial UI? We already have the 3rd bar option but would it be possible to add some more to Dial? Like making it so you can choose to either have the 3rd bar or more options on the Dial?

Yes, we will continue to add.

Will TERA get Ray Tracing with Next Generation Consoles (PS5/XSX)?

I think it will be possible.

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