How to Get All 18 Inventory Bag Slots in Swords of Legends Online

Swords of Legends Online has taught me many things, one of which is a harrowing reflection of a soon-to-be casted for Hoarders actor – but thanks to its upcoming Firestone Legacy update, which will also come with its highly anticipated Free to Play systems, the game is now providing you brand new ways to get […]

Swords of Legends New Year Event Locations

Swords of Legends Online is celebrating it’s Chinese New Year, with a plethora of new events in-game. One of which has players hunt down specific NPCs with a special basket near them, in order to receive some Cloudrise Writs, special items, cosmetics and more. I’ve gone around the world in-game collecting each and every single […]

How to Get Daily Buffs in Swords of Legends Online

With Swords of Legends Online, one of the biggest mysteries that has come to my attention, mostly because I’m constantly asked about it, is what “Lucky Bell” is. When I tell people about the fact that every day we log in, we get a brand new buff, their minds expand in the super 5head that […]

How to Use Captain’s Assistant in Swords of Legends Online

How to Use the Captain’s Assistant By now its no secret that I’ve been playing Swords of Legends Online quite a bit, especially with my little guild in-game called ‘We the Peepo’, but one of the constant questions I get – even with videos released on my part on how to do it, is a […]