Sony’s PlayStation 5 To Be Revealed June 4th

Sony revealed just an hour ago that the future of gaming is near, by which they state there will be an official presentation of the PS5 on June 4th at 1 PM PDT. According to the official post on PlayStation Blog, the president of Sony Interactive Entertainment states: With each generation, from the first PlayStation […]

TERA Console Gets Its Long-Awaited Awakening Update on June 25th

Update:KRAFTON Bluehole Studio has reached out to, and has clarified on one thing made on this post. Bahaar’s Sanctum is no longer to be expected to come with Awakening. The dungeon coming with the June 25th major update is Dark Reach Citadel. Specifically, Dark Reach Citadel Normal Mode and Hard Mode. Players should not […]

Combat Multiplayer Game, ‘NARAKA: BLADEPOINT’, Reveals Gameplay Preview

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, an upcoming unchained multiplayer combat game currently in development by 24 Entertainment shows off parkour and how free their game’s map will be with their newest Free Movement trailer.     The game was originally announced back in December at the Game Awards in 2019, showing off mixture of Sekiro, Devil May Cry […]

Phantasy Star Online 2 Goes Live on PC Tomorrow Morning – Finally!

After years of waiting and anticipations, players in North America and Europe will finally be able to play Phantasy Star Online 2, officially. By which I mean, not using private servers or VPNs to try to play the game.  According to the news post on the website: The time has come for Oracle to welcome […]

NetEase Games Reveals Upcoming Console and PC Open-World Title, ‘The Ragnarok’

NetEase Games, the developer studio behind games such as Revelation Online – and many other titles, but that one specifically brings a tear to my eye – have unveiled the title of their upcoming open-world game, The Ragnarök.   Through an orchestra and modern dance performance, The Ragnarök, a role-playing game, takes the audience on […]

Square Enix’s New Co-Op Shooter ‘Outriders’ To Release New Gameplay

Square Enix has been on a roll lately with their newest titles, such as Final Fantasy VII Remake, their upcoming Marvel’s Avengers and more. However, there is one more title that they’ve teased back in February called Outriders. The game is set to feature:   “1-3 player co-op RPG shooter set in an original, dark […]

TERA Console: Rally Schedule, Locations and Information

Hey there, fellow players! I’ve seen quite a few questions in regards to where to find a BAM Rally Schedule, Locations, Information, etc. It’s quite a valuable “secret” among the few, but thought it be fair for everyone to experience this feature in TERA. Through this feature, you have a chance at receiving Guild Supplies […]

Project MELO: Brand New Action MMORPG Talks About The Future

WildFlame Studio, the team behind the upcoming action MMORPG, Project MELO, has shared some very early development screenshots of their upcoming title. I had a chance to sit down with the Creative Director behind the upcoming MMORPG, whose experience in the gaming industry is nothing to laugh at, and had a small interview to talk […]

Genshin Impact’s Newest and Final Beta Heads to PS4 This Summer

Genshin Impact, the brand new project from miHoYo – the team behind the popular mobile title, Honkai Impact 3rd – has unveiled their newest game, Genshin Impact, will be having its Final Beta which is set for this Summer. Though no date has been officially announced, the game is currently accepting applicants for its final […]